How to Protect Your eCommerce Against Fraud | Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017


Your online shop is like a Beverly Hills mansion: you should never even leave one window open. Its appeal to thieves is very high, but in the eCommerce world these thieves are known by a different name: digital scammers.

This crime, as opposed to being an isolated incident, actually affects up to 50% of companies at some point in their life. The likelihood is too high to prevent it from happening, and even more so if we consider that in 2016, online scams increased by 25%, according to American Express. In the next big events for your online shop, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas, this risk will increase more than ever.

If you still haven’t taken anti-fraud security measures for your online shop or if you think that the ones you’ve implemented up to now have been sufficient, let us steal a bit of your time… before anybody else tries to pull off a serious scam.

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Your Best Halloween Costume is a PIM System


We’re going to give you the scare of your life, but don’t worry, we’re not going to put on a Donald Trump or a vampire mask! It’s time to get ready for Black Friday! Think it’s too soon? In e-commerce, you should know by now that you need to start preparing for a new season well ahead of its launch dates.

The number of searches about Black Friday starts increasing around the 23rd of October. They intensify between the 30th and the 31st of October and they peak on the key date in November. Don’t be afraid of beginning to plan now – why not launch a Halloween-themed campaign meanwhile, if you want to try out a few strategies?

Since we don’t want to scare you any more and we certainly don’t want to scare your customers as you fine tune your online store, we thought we might remind you about the different steps that are absolutely vital if your autumn campaign is to triumph on Black Friday. And we’re going to provide you with a costume that everybody can afford – no complicated cosplays that are exclusive to elite companies: PIM is useful for every e-commerce and any type of business (you can start with our free trial period!). Don’t let them mistake your costume for laziness, sweep away the cobwebs from your catalogue and take the lead in the season that has the most online sales of the year!

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How to Choose The Best Shipping Service for eCommerce


eCommerce works just like Santa Claus. We get so excited with both the sending and the receiving of the products that we forget the key question: How the hell does he deliver so many gifts in one night?

Whether your online store is just a small one, or if it has already notched up an important flow of daily sales, you know that choosing the right delivery service is crucial if your business is to run smoothly. And if you’re about to jump into all this and you haven’t thought it through, well, yes, choosing your delivery service is as delicate an issue as surrounding yourself with a good team of elves to wrap up all those gifts before Christmas Eve.

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Meet Your Customers: The Parent Shopper

The categories of customers in e-commerce are accumulative: a buyer may be local, digital and international at the same time, even though each one of these facets show different behaviours.

Is there a circumstance in which a customer imposes the same behavioural trend in all categories and sales channels? Yes, and that good new one is… to be a parent! To stay attentive of raising children (and the finances) supposes that human beings move to a life of chaos where there is just one guide stone: is this in my interest for my role as a parent?


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How to Create Quality Content for Your Website (with Google Seal of Approval)

Those who work closely with the public are usually highly concerned about the image of the texts on their website and for their business, making sure that there are no spelling mistakes, that the best keywords for SEO have been included, and that the message is clear and concise… (you don’t worry about these things? Then we don’t know what you’re doing here; or rather, you should start to find out why these things are important).

We feel satisfied when we look at our content, catalogues and product information, like when we see the recently-tiled work on a facade, and whisper: “That’s real quality…!


But… are you sure your content is really good quality? It may seem so, especially after so much effort. Turn around… although you won’t see anyone, some experts have leaned on your shoulder at some point and just decided if your content is good quality or not. They appear silently without any notice, and determine the destiny of the online positioning of your business.

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Meet Your Clients: The International Shopper

Online shopping has abolished any borders: you no longer have to sigh about Paris fashion if you live in a provincial village, or sighing for provincial artisan cheese if you live in Paris.


However, most users still prefer to buy in their national area, as for international shopping they expect high shipping costs, longer shipping times, difficulties in changes and returns, customs retentions, as well as the maintenance of prejudices against some countries.

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Meet Your Clients: The Local Shopper (or Visit-In-Person)

Although this is a type of contemporary consumer, in fact the local customer is the oldest one of all. Traces of the old days still persist, when acquiring a product or service meant to rely on the recommendations of others, to inspect the business and merchandise in person, and to discover if the seller inspires or not some almost magical confidence.

Some time ago, Google replaced the local term with visit-in-person, referring to those users who make an online consultation with the intention of making a subsequent visit in person. Among the keywords to determine when a search is local, or visit-in-person, Google includes near me, gas stations, restaurant, cafeteria, bar, class (eg yoga), cinema / billboard, dentist, workshop or ATM. The SEO for this category of user must be considered, especially if your business depends more on physical visits than on final online sales.


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Meet Your Clients: The Smart Shopper

In recent years, the use of electronic devices for buying products and services has skyrocketed, with an average of three devices per citizen. But that does not mean that all users use their smartphones, tablets, and computers efficiently or even confidently.

The smart shopper is the ideal customer type… but also a fussy one and pretty difficult to impress. These clients use all available channels and sources to gather the most valuable information before making a purchase.

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How to Design a Perfect Landing Page

In July 1937, during her attempt to go round the world on-board the plane Electra, Amelia Earhart should have arrived to Howland Island from Lae, in the middle of the Pacific archipelago, but she didn’t make it. Electra had disappeared at some point over the ocean without leaving a trace, and among a spatter of islands, which practically no one could name, let alone point out on a map. Was it a technical error, an insufficient fuel level, or a navigational mistake between confusing radio directions?

Amelia Earhart never landed and we can only speculate without a solid foundation, but the disappearances that occur day-to-day in your online shop do have an obvious explanation. While planning on the internet, potential customers discover the sign of a business in the distance like the remarkable silhouette of a Hawaiian island. Then, if they decide to approach, the fog starts to surround them and they suddenly don’t find themselves in the place that they expected to go to. What happened? Where is the gain, the promised sale?

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Autonomous Cars and The New Possibilities for eCommerce

In Hanna-Barbera’s cartoon series The Jetsons, which is set in a future full of gadgets, the most impressive of all was the one used to make cars disappear. The eternal problem of parking in the morning was resolved by a little gun that made the neighbour’s car vanish, in order to get a space.


It’s a curious thing that, despite getting ahead of many technological desires that are a reality nowadays, science fiction keeps considering vehicles as a nuisance. And they really are, due to the volume and space they take up while they’re not in use. That’s why the answer of the future (or our present) isn’t in the little gun that makes objects vanish, it’s in giving cars even more importance in our day-to-day lives.

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