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What are the 16 Tips a Perfect Product Site must have?

We have done a research from Sales Layer to know the most important characteristics a perfect product site must have

Spatially situating ourselves and analyzing our most direct setting no one can deny that the distance between technology and reality is less and less and this is one of the main points we’ve taken into account.

All the time we’ve been emerged on this sector we’ve asked ourselves a constant question. What is the differential element for a person to decide to pay up to 20 times more the cost of a product similar to other when purchasing something online? If the purchasing experience when a client pays up on a physical store is potentially different from when they do it on a vertical business, focusing on fashion, for example, shouldn’t the online experience be differential as well?

#1.Image Quality

With the product photography we present a product to advertise and, in the case of ecommerce, for your clients to purchase. The importance of a perfect looking product is an obligation of the online store. Even if you have to pay to hire a professional photographer, it’s essential so you can get the return of the investment.

The image must show the characteristics of the product clearly and must be well lit and realistic. In addition to it, they must be of great quality so the client can perceive all the characteristics.


#2.Multiple Images

If the client is going to pay, it’s important they can perceive all the characteristics from different angles and positions.

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Facts about e-commerce in Spain

In the last few years, there has been a downturn in the economy in most fields, as a result of low consumption we can see companies that had to shut down and a higher rate of unemployment that will definitely keep generating a lesser need of consumption.

Facing this situation, there is still a market holding up, the e-commerce, that has not only dealt with the overwhelming effects of the crisis but also continues growing enormously. We live in a society that has a different path to the one believed years ago and they way to consume has also changed, the multichannel marketing. This concept is basically shopping through different physical channels (traditional shopping) online (e-commerce or apps), or mixed, a more frequent reality in our cities.

According to the last study of electronic commerce in Spain performed by “Comision Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia” , it is stated that Spain has reached a business volume of 3578.7 millions of euros, a 26.8% of what was produced the previous year.

We are going to make emphasis on three main concepts obtained from the previous study that will explain in detail the situation of online shopping in Spain and which fields or markets are more successful.

#1.The electronic commerce is at the top and growing

We are currently going over the 4000 millions of euros of business volume in relation to e-commerce. In just 5 years, we have been able to double these numbers, imagine what’s ahead!

Sales eCommerce - Sales Layer

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7 marketplaces to consider in your online sales strategy

There are many marketplaces where companies can sell their products online. In fact there are so many that the real question is which one or opt for. eBay and Amazon are the undisputed leaders that count with a huge amount of users – a factor that makes them the most attractive platforms for online sales. But there are also other elements to consider when choosing where to present our products, such as our target audience, because while other market places might have a lesser ratio of hits per day but, these could fit perfectly our target customer.

After judging the pros and cons of a particular marketplace and once the decision to invest in them or not is taken, it’s essential to make a good selection of those that are more appealing. Fortunately, the headache of managing many sales channels is a thing of the past, so this will not be an impediment to increase sales.

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How to Effectively Manage Multichannel Catalogs

The catalog management has never been a simple task, but in recent years this task has been complicated even further by various factors such as:

  • Product life cycles are shorter (constant updates).
  • More international companies: This factor impells the translation of the information into more languages ​​and adapting products to different regulations.
  • The arrival of mobile devices, social networks and web, which requires the availability of information on multiple media in order to reach to where the current client is.

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