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Las últimas novedades en Sales Layer con más funciones y más sencillez

¿Recuerdas que no hace mucho tiempo trajimos importantes añadidos y mejoras en los servicios de Sales Layer? Pues tanto si ya eres cliente como si estás pensando en sumar un PIM a tu negocio, volvemos a colocar sobre la mesa más novedades que ayudarán a tu empresa para una experiencia diaria de e-commerce cada vez más eficaz y completa. Estas son los últimas actualizaciones que podrás encontrar en Sales Layer. Continue reading “Las últimas novedades en Sales Layer con más funciones y más sencillez” »

We launched a New Version with Excel mode included

Since Sales Layer was born the objective has always been maximum simplicity and easiness of the software for all of our clients. To prove it the new version’s update brings the Excel Mode included and we become the first PIM software to include it.  


#1Why is it better than the previous version?

You will now be able to edit you Excel content directly from our platform. The content will be edited in the moment and it’s simple to use. An excel template we all know how to use but in the cloud, with the same features and actions directly thought for Sales Layer.

#2.Is it simple to use?

We have always counted with the best developers. Our objective is developing for all the users betting for the best way to adapt our software to the customers. By simply getting into the editable version indicated above you will be able to edit any field. This is the authentic reality of omni-channel sales.

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5 Tips for Preparing a New Season on an e-commerce

Spring has just begun and we have to start thinking about the perfect accessories to shine this summer. In the age when the online stores are going crazy preparing the launch of this summer season. Calm down – with this tips your e-commerce will be a success this season.

preparing an eCommerce New season

#1.Set a specific goal for this new season

Every time we speak about campaign planning you have to understand you’re chasing a goal. No goals, no results. You need to set a common objective of the summer campaign, and then you have to set the goals as the launch date approaches. It’s about connecting bridges until finally conquering the castle and achieving maximum success. The most common for a summer campaign is to set “Increase sales regarding last year’s” as an objective, but they can be infinite other objectives, like, “increase sales in a specific geographic area” or simply “increase sales directed to a specific target”. The objective of the campaign is a task for your marketing team but it’s very important for it to have the following characteristics:

#It’s realistic. Depending on the sector some numbers can be more realistic than others but the target must be achievable.

#It’s measurable. It’s important there are numbers in there, for example “Increase 3% of the sales.”

#It’s a challenge for your company. That who dreams can make a dream come true, that who doesn’t dream will never do it.

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5 Examples of Growth Hacking that were a Big Success

The success of big computer companies is seldom hidden behind powerful campaigns of Growth Hacking strengthened by the creative ones of this companies. In here, we are going to analyze 5 examples of success using Growth Hacking. Companies like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn have used strategies to boost their success.

Growth Hackers combine tactical concepts of marketing with potential features of the product their are dealing with. The marketing strategies they develop are different depending on the market in which you work and your potential client’s characteristics.

Let’s start with the examples, you’ll be surprise for sure!

5 Examples of Growth Hacking that were a Big Success


One of the best examples of Growth Hacking in the history is Twitter. Many people use Twitter and the main reason for this is that they can read in an instant what the people they follow say or think.

When Twitter started, it was widely accepted and became popular very quickly and with no great difficulty because users shared this tool with their circles through blogs and social networks.

In no time they noticed that their biggest problem was people creating a user but they quickly stopped using the application. Once they detected the main problem, they did not kick off large campaigns to re-active users, they decided to reinvent their product and analyze what changes caused the lost of interest in their users.

They ran many tests and usability studies with potential clients and they got to the conclusion that if they offered the users between 5 to 10 accounts to follow when they registered for the service, it was more likely that the loyalty for the service will increase. If you could quickly see valuable content that could generate continuity on the net, it was a done deal.

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Useful Tips for the Marketing Director of an e-commerce Company

In this post, we will show you the tools that are relevant on a daily basis for the marketing director of an online store. We are digital natives, therefore we are going to talk about online tools that will help us automate the duties of customer recruitment. With all these tasks, our purpose is to have the marketing director optimize his time and the money of the company.

Useful Tips for the Marketing Director of an E-Commerce Company

#1. Management of Social Networks

Social networks are the most direct and affordable way of communication of a company with its potential customers. Furthermore, the contact with them is very simple but we must take into account the language and the quality of the content we offer to our target. After all, it is still a conversation and you have to make it generate value.

At this point, we are going to introduce to you several tools. At the one hand, we will mention clicktotweet, a tool that enables its users to retweet our post directly with just one click. Try the tool by retweeting this post.

Also, with Buffer you will be able to manage all your social networks in one account by programming your posts.The only necessary thing is the creation of an account and from there you will be able to manage your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn accounts and all the different accounts that your company has. Time is money and with this tool you can optimize it in the best way.

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Binding start-ups to the service of eCommerce innovation

When you are in the world of technology start-ups, there is always a constant preoccupation for making sure your business, product or service is unique and stands out in a crowded marketplace. Finding success is the ultimate dream, and although it’s difficult at times, it can be achieved.

In this battle there are many young technology companies, such as ourselves, Sales Layer, and sometimes, the challenges of everyday life prevent us from looking up and see what’s happening around us, events that we can assert in order to grow and find an easier way to success. That gap in the market that causes you to stand out even more, because there is nobody else on the market that does what you managed to do.


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Do you work in the e-commerce environment? We suggest a Premium

If you read us from a marketing agency, you work in apps development or in the environment of e-commerce or web developing this post is written for you.

If you don’t know us yet, we’re from Layer Sales where we have created management software for multi-channel catalogues which makes management of the various online shops and market places infinitely easier. Our target audience is anyone who is responsible for managing online sales. We can not always reach our target directly, since in some cases it’s necessary to meet those companies involved in any phase of the creation or maintenance of the e-commerce.


So in Sales Layer we have opened a new line of cooperation with agencies, so that you can offer this service to your clients under your own brand or you may incorporate it into your own workflow, in case you’re directly responsible for managing e-commerces. Look what we can do for you and what you will be able to do for your customers.

Layer Sales allows one to manage all sales platforms linked to a company (pdf and digital catalogues, online store, market places) with one click. So, keeping all your product records duly updated will cease to be an investment of infinite time.

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5 things in which Sales Layer Blog can help you

Surely that updating catalogues, managing datasheets, editing images … take a lot of your workday and make it boring and tiresome.

Because we worked in this area and we talk daily to many marketers, we know that these tasks are arduous, complex, repetitive, endless and sometimes, despite all the effort, they are fruitless and they are increasing the level of pressure put on the departments dealing with this work.

Our platform is already helping to simplify these issues. It is saving time for businesses and creating a micro cosmos of order and systematization out of a work that otherwise would generate a lot of headaches.

How to increase your sales with Product Information Management

How to increase your sales with Product Information Management

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Happy 2014 full of science fiction!

Science fiction plays a fundamental role in the world’s evolution, inviting us to dream of a great things that make the world a better place.

We want to share with you 10 incredible things that actually came true in 2013:

  1. Eternal life is now closer. Google has founded Calico to investigate how to extend human life beyond 170 years.
  2. We reached interstellar travel. In July, the Voyager spacecraft left the solar system after 36 years of travel.
  3. Telepathy is here. Researchers have managed to wirelessly connect the brains of two mice. As you know mice and humans are cousins, so it’s not long until we’ll be able to communicate without speaking or writing!
  4. A third gender is recognized. If it’s unclear whether you are a male or a female, there’s no need to make up your mind: in Germany you can ask to be recognized as a third gender “undetermined”;.
  5. We already have an alternative to silicon chips. The first computer chip made of carbon has been invented, and best of all, it works!

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