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How to Protect Your eCommerce Against Fraud | Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017


Your online shop is like a Beverly Hills mansion: you should never even leave one window open. Its appeal to thieves is very high, but in the eCommerce world these thieves are known by a different name: digital scammers.

This crime, as opposed to being an isolated incident, actually affects up to 50% of companies at some point in their life. The likelihood is too high to prevent it from happening, and even more so if we consider that in 2016, online scams increased by 25%, according to American Express. In the next big events for your online shop, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas, this risk will increase more than ever.

If you still haven’t taken anti-fraud security measures for your online shop or if you think that the ones you’ve implemented up to now have been sufficient, let us steal a bit of your time… before anybody else tries to pull off a serious scam.

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How to Choose The Best Shipping Service for eCommerce


eCommerce works just like Santa Claus. We get so excited with both the sending and the receiving of the products that we forget the key question: How the hell does he deliver so many gifts in one night?

Whether your online store is just a small one, or if it has already notched up an important flow of daily sales, you know that choosing the right delivery service is crucial if your business is to run smoothly. And if you’re about to jump into all this and you haven’t thought it through, well, yes, choosing your delivery service is as delicate an issue as surrounding yourself with a good team of elves to wrap up all those gifts before Christmas Eve.

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