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How to Design a Perfect Landing Page

In July 1937, during her attempt to go round the world on-board the plane Electra, Amelia Earhart should have arrived to Howland Island from Lae, in the middle of the Pacific archipelago, but she didn’t make it. Electra had disappeared at some point over the ocean without leaving a trace, and among a spatter of islands, which practically no one could name, let alone point out on a map. Was it a technical error, an insufficient fuel level, or a navigational mistake between confusing radio directions?

Amelia Earhart never landed and we can only speculate without a solid foundation, but the disappearances that occur day-to-day in your online shop do have an obvious explanation. While planning on the internet, potential customers discover the sign of a business in the distance like the remarkable silhouette of a Hawaiian island. Then, if they decide to approach, the fog starts to surround them and they suddenly don’t find themselves in the place that they expected to go to. What happened? Where is the gain, the promised sale?

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The Best eCommerce Marketplaces for 2017

One fine day, a German fellow spent a Saturday morning searching for old editions in a bookshop. Then it occurred to him that he couldn’t be bothered trudging around the whole of Munich to ask if somebody sold a 1859 edition of On the Origin of Species. He much preferred sitting down in a terrace, drinking a beer and flicking through the pages of the book he was holding.


It was back in 1999, and this avid lover of literature was (with creative licences) Boris Wertz, the creator of one of the first marketplaces that is still trading today. We’re referring to the website JustBooks, which was taken over by Abebooks in 2002, and finally acquired by the giant Amazon in 2008. Why not bring the catalogues of all the bookshops in the city together into one place, one country, the whole world? The man would save himself many walks and would gain many calories from drinking beer. The evolution of the species.

Other book lovers would look down at Boris: where is the thrill of the search now? Well, Boris would have said, nobody wants to stop searching, but vain efforts in the process should be a thing of the past. And as easy as big and small online shops make it for us when it comes to revising their catalogue and stock, they are not convenient if we want to compare prices and products between them.

With this objective in mind, the first digital marketplaces were born.

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The Importante of Mobile Ecommerce: How to Adapt Your Ecommerce to New Screens

Derek Zoolander, the character created by Ben Stiller in 2001, enthusiastically waited to be shown his project for an infant school. What a surprising disappointment when a Playmobil sized model was revealed from under the cover. «What’s this? A school for ants? How are the children going to learn how to read inside there?» Putting aside the fact that Zoolander isn’t the brightest lamp on the street, his reaction is actually repeated in many e-commerce users day after day: how is a shop, or a huge shopping centre going to fit into my little mobile phone?


The technological miracle isn’t difficult to understand, but it is complicated to apply correctly. Before the widespread use of mobile devices, many brands thought the iPhone was a scale model: you just had to enter all the information that was already compiled on web catalogues. The result is just worthy of ants. If we try to collect all the data from a website in a version which has less on-screen space, the elements, text and images are going to group together to the point where it is impossible to see them without the use of a magnifying glassAnd we already know that all mobiles have a digital zoom… and that it is not very user-friendly.

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How to Be a 5 Star Ecommerce Business: The Positive and Negative Influence of Reviews

Let’s say out loud what some salesmen tell us just by their look: they hate the sound of the doorbell and when we go through the doorway to sniff around and ask to be attended, or simply to serve us at the till. We have seen this taken off in many sitcoms where the introverted shop assistant hates all the customers. Moving clichés aside, when you go into a franchise or a small shop, it’s not strange to come across whispering, lack of visual contact, open archives used as little places to hide, or a screen that the aforementioned never stops studying.


The arrival of e-commerce meant a huge advantage for those who didn’t want to sell in person, or to physically deal with customers. Naturally, gigantic chains and large shopping centres kept waging for all the opposite, and for a physical and labyrinthine experience in which customers can easily lose their bearings to find empty information points and unfocused staff in hidden stock rooms. So, why does the TV comic seller hate the business so much if it seems like a videogame?

Ideed, buying is an individual process for the customer and the seller that requires the community’s support from time to time. What do e-commerce customers have to lean back on when everything is made virtual and the shelves, products and shop assistants disappear?

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Challenges and Problems in the Luxury Ecommerce Experiencie

«I don’t do fashion, I AM fashion.» The legendary designer, Coco Chanel, spoke these words with the rotundity of someone with an ambitious character, to put it lightly, but this is also said by someone who knows their profession like the back of their hand.


In the film “The Devil Wears Prada”, when the Vogue editor asks her assistant to get her the manuscript of a Harry Potter book that hasn’t been published, we can see how someone who is used to luxury and power goes beyond the limits of getting things on a whim. But we can also interpret this in another way: to have access to exclusive treatment is part of the editor’s lifestyle; one that doesn’t place her on a superior scale to the rest of the people, but one which she is working and paying for on a daily basis. Deep down, the public thinks the same as Coco Chanel: they don’t want things; they want to feel that these things belong to them in a special way.

To feel special is ultimately the main aim that leads to any user making a purchase, and it is the heart of the majority of advertising strategies since the 1950s. The best fictional expert in psychological consumer mechanisms, Don Draper, has already said this: I’m not selling nylon tights, I’m selling love.

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How to Predict Which Are Your Best-Selling Products Over Christmas

In one of the episodes in AMC’s series “Halt and Catch Fire”, a father had forgotten to go to buy his daughter a Cabbage Patch Kid. The toy, which is a doll that managed to take over shops in the US, decade after decade, is famous for rapidly selling out, and our character in the series isn’t any luckier: the last Cabbage Patch Kid is displayed behind the shop window of a closed toy shop. So what does a desperate father decide to do? He smashes the glass window with a brick, so he can take the doll.


Needless to say, such reaction is illegal and over the top, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary. We have all experienced the stress of Christmas shopping on either side of the shop window, either as sellers or as customers. So, what is the moral of the Cabbage Patch Kids? Apart from using reminders so we never forget the most important gifts, you also have a responsibility to “smash the glass” from the other side of the window as a business. Make the public aware of your products before it’s too late and investigate their reactions and wish lists to find out which product will be most in demand to cause a shower of bricks (well, metaphorically, we hope).

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Sales Layer News that will make your everyday life easier

At Sales Layer we are nonconformists, and that is why we constantly ask our team of developers to make all the right adjustments for our users. At Sales Layer we want to continue being the PIM for the people.

In this article we tell you about 7 new features we have introduced in the last quarter!

#1. First PIM with Excel Mode on the cloud

Excel Mode means maximum flexibility for review tasks and block tasks.

modo excel

#2. Import via XML

If you have XML two-dimensions you can already import them directly in Sales Layer. Who said importing from Google Shopping?


#3. Importation of products from several families

Inserting product families via Excel allows you to import products belonging to different families in just one step.

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Product Photos in Ecommerce – All You need to Know to Become a PRO


Article by Tomeu Ozonas, professional photographer for over 20 years and CEO of, the photo edition company for fashion brands.

We buy with our eyes. We need to see a product before buying it. That is why the photograph of the product has become an essential element of an online shop. When the user have no direct access to the product, photographs are the best way to learn about the appearance and the characteristics of that product. Everyone knows that the picture is largely responsible for the sale of the product. That is why it is so important for an e-commerce to have good photographers and, of course, good photo editors.

How to attract the attention of the user

The products of an e-commerce must offer an impeccable image to attract customers. A gesture as simple as clicking and introducing a product to a shopping cart will depend greatly on the image that the product transmits, since its appearance in the photograph goes directly to influence the intent of buying it and it will substantially reduce one of the major problems of the online stores, the deserted cart.

What is the visual reference that a customer has of the online shop products? How important is the first image of a product that the potential consumer sees to finish buying it? Why is it essential to retouch photographs of an e-commerce product to ensure conversion? In this article we are going to solve all these issues. We are going to analyze, one by one, all the essential aspects of the photography and retouching of product images for e-commerce.

In an online store the customer cannot appreciate the product in his hands before he makes the purchase, it is essential to offer the most accurate image possible. It must never be forgotten that it is all about giving confidence to the customer, introducing the product in the most visually attractive way possible. 

#1. Quality and quantity

The quality and quantity of images offered of the product are two key points to achieve making an e-commerce user into a client. The picture of the product is the introducing letter to the customer: it must be clean and neat, complete and faithful to reality. In regard to the quantity of photos to be included in each product, the numbers depend on the product itself, although it is essential that there be at least one front picture of the full product, and as many as different perspectives and details you want to show – for example, to display a shoe you can include four photographs – front view, side view, rear view and detail of the laces, instep and toe-. If we look at the statistics of recent studies by Shopify on online consumer preferences, we find these data: only a 0.52% wants to see a single product photo, a 33.16% prefer to see multiple photos; and the majority of them, exactly a 58.03%, prefer photographs that will enable them to have a 360º vision of the product.

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What payment methods can you use in your online shop?

Getting the customer to finally make the purchase is the real challenge of the electronic commerce.The shopping cart is abandoned 67% of the time.Two of the main reasons are the quality of the product’s site, which would be resolved with a PIM as Sales Layer and another main reason would be the mistrust of the consumer when paying online.We have here the different payment methods and the best way to find the one that best suits your e-commerce.

We must focus on three characteristics: the ease, speed and security in the purchase of product. In addition to it, the ecommerce should be renewed as the different payment methods are updated paying attention to the consumer’s satisfaction.

modos de pago en ecommerce-saleslayer

#1. Payment methods proposed by the bank (virtual TPV)

Given that banks are increasingly likely to linked to the SME projects of ecommerce they can analyze your project from the bank itself and determine which virtual POS option suits your business best. If you choose their consultancy you will have insured security issues, obligations and guarantees.
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What are the 16 Tips a Perfect Product Site must have?

We have done a research from Sales Layer to know the most important characteristics a perfect product site must have

Spatially situating ourselves and analyzing our most direct setting no one can deny that the distance between technology and reality is less and less and this is one of the main points we’ve taken into account.

All the time we’ve been emerged on this sector we’ve asked ourselves a constant question. What is the differential element for a person to decide to pay up to 20 times more the cost of a product similar to other when purchasing something online? If the purchasing experience when a client pays up on a physical store is potentially different from when they do it on a vertical business, focusing on fashion, for example, shouldn’t the online experience be differential as well?

#1.Image Quality

With the product photography we present a product to advertise and, in the case of ecommerce, for your clients to purchase. The importance of a perfect looking product is an obligation of the online store. Even if you have to pay to hire a professional photographer, it’s essential so you can get the return of the investment.

The image must show the characteristics of the product clearly and must be well lit and realistic. In addition to it, they must be of great quality so the client can perceive all the characteristics.


#2.Multiple Images

If the client is going to pay, it’s important they can perceive all the characteristics from different angles and positions.

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