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Analyze quality evolution

Sales Layer Quality Report determines the level of completeness of your product content. You can also follow the evolution of the quality and your team's performance.

Activity Feed

Get access to all the changes made in your catalog and monitor the users’ activity..

Analyze field by field

Check what PIM data is missing field by field to fill the product information required to improve your quality score.

Analyze channel by channel

Make sure that you always send the right PIM data to every sales channel. Keep your data up to date in websites, apps and marketplaces.

Find and fix product information gaps

Sales Layer automates the search and editing of omissions in your PIM data such as images, logos, descriptions, translations or technical attributes.

Analyze by product groups

Control the quality and completeness of the product information with a concrete analysis by brand, section or language.

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Learn how a PIM can fit your company with a guided tour from the team at Sales Layer.

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