Centralized Catalogs

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Centralized, automated and connected catalogs

Centralized, automated and connected catalogs

Companies even now, with multiple brands, hundreds of sales channels and hundreds of thousands of products are struggling to manage their catalog creation season after season, year after year.

But now there are solutions which can centralize all of the information even across multiple brands into one single source of truth (SSoT). With all of your catalogs, images and product information hosted in the cloud, the sky's the limit.

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Digital catalogs

Your shop window, in the absence of a physical store, is your catalog. Through it, you can design the perfect products, images and descriptions to entice your customers to fill their baskets.

Digital catalogs
Unify your marketing team

Hosting your catalog with a PIM system is more secure, and more agile. Now your marketing teams can access and share only the parts of the catalog that they need to.

Share your catalog

But it doesn’t end there. A sales rep that needs ready access to a certain area can be sent all of the information she needs in an instant. What’s more, your online marketplaces can be fed information directly and automatically.

Digital catalogs
Instant catalogs

Instant catalogs

The information in your PIM can be used to create personalized and interactive catalogs. Choose the fields of information you want to add, then simply click to create online catalogues with your own branding and design, containing information that is, and always will be, 100% accurate.

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How to centralize your catalog in four easy steps
  • 1

    Consolidate the data you
    need by channel

  • 2

    Create a catalog structure

  • 3

    Upload it to your PIM

  • 4

    Set up your connectors

Printed catalogs

Fully centralized information works for printed catalogs, too. You can send your enriched data to your design suite, your design teams and your print presses. With a connection to catalog design suites such as Adobe InDesign, you can auto-populate catalog templates and create literally thousands of pages in minutes.

For seasonal or annual catalog creation this tool is the answer that business have been looking for.

Digital catalogs

Error handling

Ever lived the nightmare of print errors in your new catalog? Sales Layer’s Quality Reporting feature analyses the quality and cleanliness of the data in your catalog. Meaning your data is enriched, clean, and error free. Give your whole team access to data to make sure that many pairs of eyes are checking and enriching your product catalog.

How a PIM can boost your product catalog

  • Centralized information

    Centralized information

  • Single source of truth

    Single source of truth

  • Enriched information

    Enriched information

  • Fewer errors

    Fewer errors

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