The future of product marketing

With Sales Layer’s PIM you can quickly build out your catalog and adapt it on the fly for the world’s marketplaces (Amazon, Google Shopping, MercadoLibre).

With your product information centralized in one single silo, you can be sure that your data is fully enriched and 100% accurate. So no more errors, and better consistency across all of your sales channels.

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Product Marketing
What is PIM?

Ok. But what is PIM?

PIM is the newest addition to the ecommerce toolkit. It’s helping businesses to manage the thousands of products and hundreds of thousands of SKUs. Product Information Management is a necessity for businesses who are growing in online sales and want to get their online and under the eyeballs of millions of potential new customers.

PIM work

How does PIM work?

Sales Layer’s SaaS model PIM is a simple as you want, and as complex as you need. With plug-and-play connectors made specifically for online marketplaces, Sales Layer’s PIM has the fastest implementation and requires the least maintenance, you can leave that part to us.. If you’re exploring ways to centralize and synchronize your product information, Sales Layer is the solution you need.

Connect your PIM

Connect your PIM and see the difference:

  • Send your information to any marketplace with complete accuracy.
  • Update your products automatically across your connected sales channels.
  • Adapt your product catalog the different formats requested by each marketplace.
  • Improve the quality of your product information and achieve an error-free catalog.

Online marketplaces: The heart of your ecommerce strategy

For businesses that see the value in their online performance, getting their products visible on marketplaces is the top priority. To achieve this, time is needed to build out the tools needed to effectively manage a multichannel online strategy. And that’s where Sales Layer is changing the game.

The implementation of Sales Layer’s SaaS based platform is faster and more agile than any PIM before it. The creation of new connections to online marketplaces can be made in a matter of clicks, and gone are the days of year-long implementations.Next-gen PIM is an efficient tool made for marketing teams, not tech teams. Let us handle the hard work, while your catalog takes on a whole new power to be connected, shared, and do what it’s supposed to: bring you new customers.

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