What is a MDM?
Master Data Management

Masters of the Universe of Information

Master Data Management is the most effective way of keeping the most important data in any business organization under control, ensuring it is error-free and that it can reach every individual and platform in the company.

This information is key to ensuring good product and process management: how the company is structured, how many employees there are and what their functions are, customer location and profile, who suppliers and distributors are, how many platforms and applications are in place...

In short, everything that is not just product information, but that is involved in the cycle of creating, developing and selling products, brought together in a single master file.

Master Data: The indispensable boss in every company?

It is important for your business to not shy away from tackling the challenge that is master data management head-on. This type of software is of great benefit as a company grows and expands to other branches, mergers, new channels, teams and external collaborators...

An old solution was for each part of the conglomerate to take care of its own large database, but imagine how difficult it is to coordinate and update all these storage systems at the same time. One centralized place for storing data as provided by the Master Data Management resolves thousands of problems.

The MDM is the judge and jury of your company: it keeps the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

What type of MDM is best for me?

Any Master Data Management system will be good for your business, and the choice you make comes down to your budget. There are free Open Source versions (but that require a good knowledge of programming), or subscription-based licenses that offer the most comprehensive customer service and technical support.

Keep in mind the basics of MDM software:

Intuitive interface

SaaS connectors, RDBMS, in the cloud and apps

Import and export in various formats

Data and user validation system

Integrated data governance workflows

Data quality analysis

Automatic error resolution

Visual maps and graphic statistical analysis

Advantages and Disadvantages of a MDM

The Advantages of a DAM
  • Elimination of duplicates.
  • Data governance and enrichment functions.
  • Uniform data accessible by all departments.
  • Consistent information for clients.
  • Greater efficiency in processes with various teams.
The Weaknesses of a MDM
  • Very expensive solution for small / medium enterprises.
  • No specialization in product content.

Product Information Management: Your MDM lawyer

We know that the Master Data contains an overview of the entire company. If your goal is the sale or distribution of products in retail or e-commerce, you will need another essential software to monitor the most specific details of omnichannel marketing: a PIM system.

With an MDM, you'll have a unified database for your business, but if you want to harmonize and automate product information, distribute it consistently across all e-commerce channels, apps and platforms, design catalogues and improve the user's shopping experience... then your best means of doing this is a Product Information Management like Sales Layer.

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Frequently asked questions

Are Master Data Management and Master Data Governance the same?
They are often used as synonyms, but we can also highlight some differences between the two. The main one according to some definitions is that Master Data Management covers the technical process of using and sending data in all channels, and Master Data Governance is the security system by which that data is managed and analysed. What you should note is that an MDM system offers you integrated Master Data Governance functions.

Will I have integration problems between an MDM and a PIM?
None: nowadays software systems are prepared to address your company’s functions and adapt to them, in a manner that is 100% customisable. In Sales Layer, we make sure we analyse your case and prepare the best PIM solution for your company, whether or not you have an MDM service contracted.

What should I install first in my company: an MDM or a PIM?
It depends on the priorities and needs of your business. If your company does not have many parties involved, has a single central database and your main concern is to sell products, a PIM can suffice. It is a fast, simple and efficient solution, great as a foundation before you complement it with an MDM system in the future. Moreover, some PIM systems already integrate MDM functionalities in their services, since they are two information management processes that are closely linked to each other.

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