What is a PIM? Product Information Management System

All you need to know

The benefits of integrating PIM software

The tens of sales channels, combined with the hundreds of categories, across the thousands of products in a standard catalog, makes the challenge of product information management a reality.

We believe that technological innovation and high-quality content can streamline your catalogue maintenance and save you time. Your data is transformed into a great brand image, resulting in happier customers, increased traffic and higher rates of conversion leading to better sales.

what is a pim?

Will a PIM solve your problems?

A PIM handles pure and cold data, but its aim is to offer a better experience of your products for your potential customers. Having the right information, the right specifications and consistent branding across your online catalog is fundamental to healthy sales growth. That’s where a PIM comes into play.

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We offer our support as part of our package and not as an added extra. The work we do with our clients is what drives us to constantly improve our services and our tech. We’re there to build a system that will help your business grow, improve your time to market, and increase your brand’s visibility.

Let’s check the first symptoms:
pim saas with thousands of references

Thousands of product references?

Manage products and documets with pim saas

Mountains of documents and media assets?

Pim software for manage phisical and digital distribution

Physical and digital distribution outlets and sales channels?

All data in a single pim platform

New providers, databases, catalogs, sales points, geographic networks?

The more you grow, the greater the risk you run... and the more a PIM software can make your life easier.
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What kinds of PIM are currently on the market?

A PIM system reads, analyzes and organizes everything, but it's not the Rosetta Stone. There are two broad categories of PIM that fit different business situations and models: the traditional type (specialized in consolidated technologies) and new generation ones (focused on new technologies, using Open Source or SaaS models). Sales Layer belongs in the second one, but we can assure you that we are the only ones who will guide you through the process of using a PIM to vastly improve how you manage your product information.

Traditional PIMs

Solid infrastructure.
Wide integrators network.
Most are systems with high installation costs.

New generation PIMs

Latest technologies.
Faster onboarding.
Don’t require a tech team.

What is the perfect PIM?

Whatever your situation may be, make sure you search for and choose the PIM software that guarantees you the most complete experience possible. This is how we do it::

  • Intuitive and straightforward interface.
  • Control over the permissions and tasks of each user.
  • Implementation guides provided for any platform and channel.
  • We have a support team at your disposal.
  • Price adapted to your needs.
  • No hidden costs.
  • Scalable resources that grow in line with you and your needs.
  • Complementary improvement and consultancy services.
  • Synchronization in several languages.
  • Analytics on tool usage and results.
  • Customization and development of new functions.

What is the perfect pim?

The Sales Layer PIM Experience

Our aim is to ensure that every one of our clients gets the most professional attention to build their PIM system. At Sales Layer, we apply the appropriate resources to every area to make sure your projects are successful. Whether you handle hundreds of thousands of references and products, taking into account how many users you need your management team.

Our pim saas clients
“With Sales Layer we can focus just on the quality of the product information. It is an indispensable tool for how we manage our South African e-commerce site.”
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Diana De Lange

Find out for yourself how easy the PIM process is

Connect your store

Get rid of thousands of disorganized documents, spreadsheets, Excels, CSVs, SKUs, descriptions, images, videos, marketing data, channels…

Automate your products

Synchronize and update your product information and create catalogues and materials with automation.

Analyze your catalog

Discover the gaps that are appearing in your content, correct, complete and get personalized quality reports.

Publish products

Test, validate and publish automatically, and continue to grow your content.

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Learn how a PIM can fit your company with a guided tour from the team at Sales Layer.

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