What is a PDM?
Product Data Management system

Your company data governance

What is PDM? The surveillance over product information

A Product Data Management system is your right-hand man (or woman!), that integrates, enhances and governs all your internal and third-party product data, from simple documents to manufacturing instructions.

However, before the management and distribution comes the organization. Sooner rather than later a company will find itself with a massive amount of information distributed across multiple locations: folders, digital stores and third-party databases. Thinking about how to synchronize it and ensure that it can be reached quickly and harmoniously from every corner of the company is no mean feat. But the first step in building a house is not putting on the roof but laying solid foundations: firstly we must organize the data and reinforce the security of the data governance.

How many types of PDM systems exist and which one should I choose?

In today's market, you will find companies focused on Product Data Management software and also large technology corporations that have developed a branch of data management, such as Siemens. Choosing one solution over another depends on the size of your company, the volume of data you manage and the budget you can invest.

In any scenario, the best thing for you is to opt for Product Data Management software that offers you an agile and integrated technological solution, based on a single management system and without installation complications. Also, make sure that its graphical user interface (GUI) is clean and simple, and includes statistics and metric options, data cleansing, metadata tree customisation and powerful privacy shields.

The Pros and Cons of a PDM system

Product Data management software is a powerful and essential information technology...but it does not target products in a specialised way. Moreover, many Product Data Management software solutions are geared towards technological, engineering or graphic design sectors, and as a tool it is more for engineers than for marketers.

Remember: we are talking about maintaining a general order of all your company's data, including data that does not affect products or catalogues directly. To achieve effective management in this aspect, you need something else..

  • Have data approved for analysis or integration into business operations.
  • Find what you are looking for at any time, without searching through folders.
  • Improve productivity and save time.
  • Synchronise all teams with data centralisation.
  • Ensure that uniform and up-to-date data is used in all processes.

PDM going solo… or better with a PIM companion?

Does your company handle large volumes of product information? Then by all means you must organize the data sources, archives and materials that come from various channels and that will be passed on to so many others. But Product Data Management system is not the solution for harmonizing product information that has other characteristics and specifications, aimed at catalogues and physical and digital platforms.

Your best ally in this challenge is a PIM or Product Information Management system. You can opt for Data Management software that guarantees the organization of basic business data, but Product Information Management software is the great tool for companies, retailers, distributors and e-commerce businesses.

Knowing that Data Management is a complex art and that each company has different needs, at Sales Layer we have created the PIM system that addresses this traffic and product information management, with all the benefits of a PDM system

Frequently asked questions

What kind of essential product information does a PDM system use?
Its organisational usefulness is not so much focused on product sales specifications (such as measurements, sizes, colours, prices...) as on other aspects that are very important in the manufacturing process and which guarantee perfect and regulated products: safety tests, permits and approvals, patents, record of manufacturing sites for each product or batch, distribution channels to which a product or collection is launched...

Can a PDM system help me in the creation of product catalogues, websites and e-commerce applications?
Not in a specific way. A Product Data Management system is key in other phases of the product life cycle, especially manufacturing. For example, if a product released to the market turns out to be defective, thanks to Data Management technology, it is possible to locate the origin of the error, update it and send the new instructions to the manufacturing process.

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