Changing the way online businesses approach product information management

For marketers who understand the need to connect quickly to ecommerce platforms and marketplaces, we’re bringing you the product information management solution that can solve all your pains and more.

Sales Layer is a nimble, powerful, super-fast PIM that can be connected to the world’s biggest platforms in a matter of clicks.

And it’s much more than that, with custom connectors, instant catalog sharing, and full service support, we have everything you need to connect the dots in your business and make things start running like clockwork. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?

Is this you?

Thousands of product references

Physical and digital distribution outlets and sales channels

Mountains of documents and media assets

Mountains of documents and media assets

What makes Sales Layer the best choice?

At Sales Layer we’re marketers just like you, so we know that months of programming and implementation create frustration, bottlenecks and headaches. Everything at Sales Layer is built for simplicity, for ease of use, and for agility.

Connecting your catalogs to your marketplaces with Sales Layer can be done faster than with any other PIM, that’s what our SaaS model brings you, and that’s what we’re here to take care of.

Product Information Management: The next step in product marketing

For businesses that see the value in their online performance, getting their products visible on marketplaces is the top priority. To achieve this, time is needed to build out the tools needed to effectively manage a multichannel online strategy. And that’s where Sales Layer is changing the game.

And here’s the crux

The implementation of Sales Layer’s SaaS based platform is faster and more agile than any PIM before it. The creation of new connections to online marketplaces can be made in a matter of clicks, and gone are the days of year-long implementations.

Next-gen PIM is an efficient tool made for marketing teams, not tech teams. Let us handle the hard work, while your catalog takes on a whole new power to be connected, shared, and do what it’s supposed to: bring you new customers.

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