Level up your Excel databases with cloud-hosted PIM

Excel is by far the most popular business app for databases and product information. It’s the perfect program for business, except when it comes to getting that information out into the world.

Marketers are in chronic need of agile solutions to speed up the delivery of information to marketplaces. The faster businesses can get their products to market, the better it is for the whole business. Don’t let your catalog be the bottleneck.

Having a fully automated and centralized Excel database gives you all of the functionalities of an Excel spreadsheet, but with added superpowers.

A global solution to a global problem

Using Sales Layer’s Excel connector, you can build sophisticated app synchronization to automatically update fields by formulas. So currency conversion, time zone, and tax regulation can be configured to auto-populate.

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Here’s how PIM is Excel’s perfect sidekick:

  • Automated business app and marketplace connectors.
  • Automated population of Excel databases.
  • Organise Excel tables and fields with product information.
  • Save time working with filters, tags and formulas.

Product Information Management: The next step in product marketing

For businesses that see the value in their online performance, getting their products visible on marketplaces is the top priority. To achieve this, time is needed to build out the tools needed to effectively manage a multichannel online strategy. And that’s where Sales Layer is changing the game.


Connect up to marketplaces

But our Excel connector is more than just for building databases. Connecting your Excel database to the world’s online sales channels such as AliExpress, Amazon, and Mercadolibre mean you can send automated updates of information across your sales channels. Fewer errors, deeper enriched information, and a healthier brand overall.

Let us handle the hard work, while your catalog takes on a whole new power to be connected, shared, and do what it’s supposed to: bring you new customers.