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Catalog translations

Translate your product information automatically to have your catalogs enriched in multiple languages.

The perfect (re)touch

Professional e-commerce image editing to provide perfect product images, adapted to your marketplaces.

PIM auditing and consultancy

Analyze your product data consistency and its different sources to design the best PIM onbarding plan.

Guided and custom trial and setup

We can help you personalize your PIM structure from a sample of product content.

Building materials industry

Software PIM solutions for companies, manufacturers, purchasing groups and building material distributors.

Service offered by Telematel
Advanced data audits

Design and create data models with organized sources, unification criteria and defined catalog structures.

Service offered by Telematel
Matmax Syndication

Access the leading catalog of the building materials industry, with more than 30K registered professionals and millions of SKUs.

Service offered by Telematel
Automated printouts

Implementation of paper and digital publishing automation solutions using the exclusive EasyCatalog plugin.

Service offered by Nousmedis
Product content marketing

Marketing strategy for brand identity and community growth in social media.

Service offered by Libris
Boost your brand image

Web design, Content Management and design of customized marketing materials for events.

Service offered by Libris

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