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Centralize, enrich and connect your data

Sales Layer is built for simplicity. It's easy to start, use and put product information in the hands of the people that need it.

But, in the early days, it can still be hard to make sense of all your data. That's why Sales Layer goes beyond connectivity to help you get more from your data - and turn it into one valuable source of the facts on every product.

Sales Layer PIM services
Sales Layer PIM catalog connection

Our team of PIM specialists will help you get up-and-running as you:

  • Centralize all your product information, images and other assets
  • Enrich your data by streamlining data and enforcing consistency
  • Connect everyone to your data with plug-and-play connectors
Sales Layer PIM catalog connection

So you can take advantage of a connected catalog. And take your business to the next level.

Get your PIM ready

Onboarding tailored to your business

Sales Layer PIM onboarding

Take a personalized tour

If you're exploring ways to centralize and consolidate your product information, get a guided tour through Sales Layer using a sample of your own content.

Sales Layer PIM consultancy

PIM consultancy

If you need a fresh perspective on PIM, and your current approach to product information, trust us to give you the advantage of our experience.

Sales Layer PIM consultancy
Sales Layer PIM training

Training and setup

When you're ready to use Sales Layer, we can provide training to drive adoption and help you maximize the value of your implementation.

Always-available help

Scalable support

Whether you're growing your product line-up or expanding your retail presence, we're with you. Our support services are just as scalable as the platform that makes it all possible.

Automating your product catalog is just the beginning. We're here to help you take advantage of all the ways that PIM can eliminate waste, save time and drive efficiency.

Sales Layer PIM support

Whatever your goals and challenges, Sales Layer can help.

Cam Rouse

Sales Layer is a leading tool for our customer service teams and a great platform to convert product data into more attractive online content.

Cam Rouse

Technology Coordinator at Bobux

Cam Rouse

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