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#1 PIM in Customer Satisfaction
based on + 2000 users in 33 countries

5 stars review

4,8 out of 5

Unify your product intelligence

Move from linear catalog management to enriching your product information and enhancing the shopping experience.

Create catalogs

Create catalogs in record time

Create customized catalogs and launch new products 3 times faster

Create catalogs

Centralize dispersed product information

Get a centralized platform to control your product content quality

Create catalogs

Build a stronger brand loyalty

Develop reusable and instantly deployable marketing / contextual data

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Perfect product


Enrich your product content. Use powerful analysis tools to boost your products online with Sales Layer

Boost your catalog quality
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Product information
Boost your catalog quality
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Dashboards can be scary places. We designed a user-friendly interface that simplifies catalog management

Meet our dashboard
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Catalog information
Meet our dashboard
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Showcase your products on every platform, app and marketplace in just a few clicks

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Multichannel information
Get connected
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Add efficient and fast content/catalog management aimed at business users

Marketers benefits

For marketers

9x faster

Time to market increased by up to 9x. Saving 2,500 man-hours per 10K SKUs

IT benefits

For Tech

10x more efficient

Get a centralized platform to control the quality of your product content

Sales benefits

For Sales

Increase sales and
reduce returns

Returns and customer disputes reduced by 5-10% according to Sales Layer users

The talent behind a revolutionary PIM

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Annual growth

+10 000




From stone age to catalog revolution

"Before PIM we needed to add products not once, not twice, but three or four times. Now everything is connected — do something one time and you have it everywhere."

Matthias Knol, CEO de Powerslide
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More about this case study
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