Sales Layer Connect

Sales Layer Connect is a system aimed at facilitating the exchange of product information between companies and distributors.

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Using the same interface as the Sales Layer PIM, Connect makes it easier and faster to share product information. Add products, update them in no time and speed your sales management processes.

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Easy to implement and use

Sales Layer Connect is easy to operate and maintain, with no complex technical knowledge required for installation and use. Retailers and distributors can send and access product information in a more agile and secure way, saving manual tasks of reviewing and adapting the content to each channel.


“The generation of electronic catalogs makes the process 9 times faster than in a traditional purchase.”

Marta Arias
Purchasing Manager of ACCIONA's Water Department

More agile catalog work

Uploading new products or adding more suppliers is much easier with Sales Layer Connect. The system allows product content to be edited and approved before being made public on sales channels. Any changes will be reflected in the PIM catalog and will be ready according to the properties and fields you have predefined.

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Advantages of Sales Layer Connect

Faster product launches.
Scalable solution to new customers.
Enrichment of catalog data.
Analytical decision-making features.
Time-saving on product content to review tasks.
6 times cheaper than any similar solution on the market.

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