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Sales Layer meets the needs of the marketing teams of manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers. We believe that technology should be easy for anyone to learn and use, and that is why we are committed to develop user-friendly and scalable software.

Catalog management has become more complex and the quality of product content is key to maintaining success and growth. At Sales Layer we know that being a typical PIM is not enough: we are your digital right-hand to evolve your product management towards intelligent analytics and information enrichment.

Guaranteed results with Sales Layer’s PIM

80% increased team productivity
4x faster catalog creation
3x quicker product launches
6x lower maintenance costs
100% updated data in real time
39 seconds as average response time
2 months as average onboarding time
99.5% tool uptime


Three reasons why companies choose Sales Layer


The best support and customer service

We’re number one worldwide in customer satisfaction: companies using our PIM are amazed by the speed of our incident resolution and the quality of our technical support.


The most user-friendly and easy-to-learn interface

With 2 or 3 hours of training, any professional can start adding fields and images to the PIM, manage catalogs and create product sheets, with zero incidents.


Improvement in team communication

Transform your business processes in a way you didn't know you needed. Our clients are able to create new workflows, and unify and synchronize the work of dispersed teams and departments.

“Sales Layer’s PIM is super easy to use and the customer service is really great. It’s really one platform where we connect everything together.”

Jurgen Pfitzner, Urban Product Manager

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“It's priceless to have every department working on the same platform and to be able to see the status of a product in real time, from anywhere in the world.”

Joan Montava, Marketing Shopper

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“We found in Sales Layer a system to create a catalog in seconds: it's the technology that any supplier is looking for, simple to use and with more eye-catching catalog results.”

Marta Arias, Purchasing Manager of ACCIONA's Water Department

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“We launched 90 websites in one year. That was only possible after centralising all our product information in Sales Layer’s PIM.”

María Llanes, Digital Marketing Executive

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