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We provide the tools to centralize, analyze, and enrich your product data, and Go-to-Market 4x faster
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Our PIM analyzes your product information to identify gaps, errors and duplicate data, providing your catalogs with a Quality Score. Optimize your information with bulk edits to improve your conversion rate, and see all changes updated in real time across your selling channels.
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Upload multiple product data spreadsheets to one centralized platform. Save time and hassle on your product information management, and create a single source of truth for your marketing, sales and operations teams.
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From your website to online marketplaces, our PIM can connect your product data with all of your selling channels. Synchronize your product catalogs across your selling network and automate your updates. With a range of connectors to integrate with your platforms, Sales Layer can provide a bridge to your B2B and B2C channels.
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Create and upload product catalogs to your B2B and B2C selling channels instantly with Sales Layer. Improve your buyer targeting by customizing your catalogs to display or hide chosen products or data fields on specific channels of yours across your supply chain.
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