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Sales Layer
Sales Layer
The Gap Scanner

PIM lets you control the quality of your product information and check what data is missing with specific attribute analysis, such as brand, section or language just to name a few. Keep your images, logos, descriptions, translations continuously up-to-date with product enrichment.

Sales Layer
Quality Score

Easily discover your underperforming content fields and edit product attributes, SKUs, GTINs and other data in bulk. This allows you to improve your data Quality Score and the visibility of your products online.

Activity Feed and Data History

The Sales Layer Quality Report provides an overview of your product data history, with a full historical log of edits that you and your team has made.

Track and view all edits and updates to your catalogs. Monitor your team's activity and assign permissions to add comments, accept or reject changes.

Sales Layer
Analyze channel by channel

Always send accurate, enriched product data to your sales channels. Display the latest version of your catalogs to optimize your shopping feed, apps, marketplaces and procurement platforms.

Sales Layer
Enrich your product

Manage, edit and review 1000s of products easily with Sales Layer

Bulk edition

Select and apply changes across all of your products in a flash. Change product status and family, update tags, move data and fix errors in bulk.

Precise Filtering

Create and set custom filters based on product attributes. Organize your templates as you need.

Use formulas

Reduce time and workload output with formulas and logic rules to automate the editing of your product content.

Sales Layer

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