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Sales Layer
Easily upload your
product data
Sales Layer
Quick import

Sales Layer is so flexible that it adapts to any type of data source or file. Import all your CSV, Excel, XML...

Sales Layer
Intuitive exports

Once your product content has been perfected, you can export, synchronize or syndicate it in real time.

Sales Layer
Digital Asset Management

Sales Layer PIM also works as a DAM where you can upload and manage your own file library.

Sales Layer for your team
Sales Layer
Set roles and responsibilities

Our product information management platform lets you delegate across your team, granting permissions and access to your product catalog. This empowers your team to work collaboratively by establishing ecommerce team roles and responsibilities.

Sales Layer
Create product workflows

Optimize your content and data management with product workflows for your teams. Create workflows for groups and editors to take control and governance over all of your data.

Sales Layer
View version history with Time Layer™

Enjoy full visibility of your product catalogs and digital assets and keep track of all the edits made to your data. Time Layer™ provides the unique ability to revert to an earlier version of your catalog at any time to recover any lost data.

View your data, your way
Smart search

Match specific queries in your product catalog to accurate results by setting formulas with multiple strings, variables and values.

Sales Layer
Excel mode

With Sales Layer you can continue to view your content in Excel mode and select which data and columns to display for each product, as well as edit in bulk.

Sales Layer

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