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Create your Instant catalog in minutes with all of the information you need to send to your sales network.

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Offer more value to your marketplaces and your supply chain with customized online catalogs in real time.

Make an impact

Personalized digital catalogs

Create catalogs on the fly with customized information and share them in less time.

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Your hyper-connected digital catalog

Digital catalog

No middlemen, no errors

Share only the information you want to by selecting the families, categories and tags for your products.

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Create a public catalog for open access, or create private catalogs with password access to share information with your sales team, your distributors and your customers.

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Online orders in real time

Activate online orders for your products. With Instant Catalogs your sales team will have a powerful tool to generate orders, anywhere, anytime.

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With Instant catalog, you can take complete control of your product information, send links to your suppliers and your retailers, and fully automate the sharing of your product information.

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Create digital catalogs in minutes

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Send only the information you need to in each of your catalogs

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