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Create and share your digital product catalogs to all B2B and B2C channels in real time.
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Sales Layer
Sales Layer
Create your digital product catalog instantly

Upload hundreds of product spreadsheets in a few simple clicks and watch your unique product catalog come to life.

Create catalogs in up to 156 languages, with automatic translation available for variants such as British or American English.

Share your catalogs wherever

Provide a single source of truth for your internal teams, supply chain partners and buyer networks by sharing Instant Catalogs in real time.

Enable catalogs for open access, or create private catalogs to share information with your sales team, distributors and select buyers with cXML PunchOut capabilities.

Sales Layer
Sales Layer
Customized digital catalogs

Select or hide the data fields you want to display, and create a customized catalog in real time that can be shared instantly across chosen channels.

Empower your sales team

Give your sales team the power to independently create and manage orders for your customer base.

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