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The business software of reference for the building industry.

With more than 30 years of experience in the market, Telematel offers business software solutions. Its specialities are construction, engineering and installation, maintenance and refurbishment companies, as well as manufacturers, purchasing groups and distributors of materials in the construction sector.

Through their exhaustive knowledge in the market, Telematel's partner solutions help customers, regardless of the size of their company, to make better business decisions, consolidate their strategies and improve the management of aspects such as stock and cost optimization, financial control and sales monitoring.

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Helena Grau
Director Telematel

"We are leading the digital change for our customers, and Sales Layer is with us every step of the way, providing us with a flexible, advanced and dynamic solution."

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Content services

One of the most consulted digital catalogs, leader in information on construction and installation materials, with more than 3 million products and 1,200 brands.

Catalog Source

Catalog of product information for the distributor, its management systems, apps, e-commerce and others. Basic, enriched product information, categorization and integration systems.

Prime content

Service for the generation of customized product contents, to distinguish your brand and products in an original way. Projects for purchasing groups, associations and other entities in the sector.

Warehouse management

Business management solutions for material and construction distribution companies and installation and maintenance service companies. ERP, e-commerce, CRM and mobility solutions.

The leading online catalog for professionals in Spain, with more than 35,000 registered professionals and millions of products to browse.

Consulting and training in business management

Consultancy and training services in business management in the distribution and installation of building materials.

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