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With an easy-to-use interface and scalability that caters for everyone, Sales Layer PIM creates an enhanced shopping experience that allows you to build catalogs in real time.

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Sales Layer

Easy PIM integration with Magento

Sales Layer enables businesses to easily and efficiently manage, analyze, organize, and update their product information.

  • Adapts to different formats including CSV, XML, and Excel.
  • Exports, syncs, and promotes content in real-time.
  • Works with DAM to allow you to upload and manage your file library.

A centralized PIM software platform provides you with control over the quality of your product data, ensuring your data is ready to share, always.

Sales Layer Instant Catalogs
With Sales Layer, you can create product catalogs instantly and share them across all channels. SaaS PIM enables you to share your product catalogs instantly and securely, with real-time updates. When integrating Sales Layer PIM with Magento, you can enable your sales team to generate leads from anywhere for an enriched intuitive experience.
Sales Layer Quality Reports
Sales Layer’s quality reports provide you with powerful analysis and backend reporting of your product data that integrates seamlessly with Magento. The tool thoroughly checks data and identifies missing product information, checks product content is complete and tracks team activity in real-time to ensure shared data is error-free.
Sales Layer Centralized Product Information
Sales Layer for Magento is a comprehensive product catalog management platform that includes an in-built quality score to enable you to see areas of content that require improvement. This helps you improve your product content and ensure it is optimized for your sales funnel. The quality score tool identifies and corrects discrepancies in product data, automatically managing and updating product descriptions, logos, images and other technical data.
Sales Layer Product data syndication
When you work across multiple channels, Sales Layer enables you to effortlessly manage, edit and review content. Our platform syndicates data with in-depth insights to improve your sales efforts and enable you to scale your business. Sales Layer ensures the accurate distribution of product data across multiple Magento storefronts while also following the compliance standards and regulations of each platform.
Sales Layer Enhanced multichannel marketing
A PIM designed to integrate with Magento enables you to access and distribute updates instantly across all channels. As your business grows, PIM integration becomes essential. When your product catalog is distributed across multiple channels, handling it manually can lead to errors and inconsistencies. The extensive capabilities of Sales Layer PIM allow for error-free and consistent multichannel marketing.
Sales Layer Easy-to-use PIM
Our users choose Sales Layer to integrate with Magento because it is a SaaS PIM system where changes and upgrades are managed by the developer and are rolled out equally for all customers. With an open-source PIM, anyone with specialist technical knowledge can modify the source code which opens up vulnerabilities to technical errors that can be timely, expensive, and difficult to fix. Sales Layer, by comparison, offers great value with frequently improved and optimized software.

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