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Sales Layer’s Product Information Management system (PIM) enables global manufacturers and distributors to output product information from a single source of truth. This helps them to enhance product value and protect brand identity.

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Product information management is easy for manufacturing companies with Sales Layer

After the manufacturing stage, companies often hurriedly attempt to create product catalogs and multiple digital assets. The pressure this puts on small teams and those managing tens of thousands of SKUs can often result in data entry errors and a delayed time to market.

However, with a PIM solution, manufacturing companies can create product catalogs of the highest quality and get their products to market rapidly. They can increase their conversion rates with rich, accurate and compelling product content. Data enrichment and optimization can even be automated based on business rules and workflows.

Sales Layer helps manufacturing companies improve brand loyalty and provide trustworthy data.

Sales Layer’s unique features for manufacturing companies

Simplified data management

Poor data quality can lead to an average loss of $15 million annually. Product data management is therefore a critical activity for manufacturing companies since it ensures the accuracy and consistency of all product data.

At Sales Layer, we help manufacturers maintain data quality by simplifying the process. You can host your data in a centralized cloud and manage them effortlessly with a user-friendly interface.

Continue to view your product content in Excel mode, keep track of all catalog changes, undo edits, recover data, and also access earlier versions. For large scale digital transformation, Sales Layer offers bulk edition, precise filtering, logic rules and formulae to comfortably automate editing product content. Furthermore, you can also connect Sales Layer’s PIM to print apps and generate print catalogs.

Seamless product data catalog creation

Our Product Information Management solution can drastically reduce your catalog creation time. You can create customized product information, and seamlessly add or update the catalog whenever you launch new product lines or brands.

Choose to share only the product information you want with your suppliers and retailers by selecting the families, categories, and tags for your products. Create a public catalog for open access and use private catalogs with password access to exercise data security.

Furthermore, empower your sales team to generate orders anywhere in real-time by activating online orders for your products.

Centralize product information

When product information is stored in different files, folders, and systems, it can be a cumbersome task to locate and update the catalogs. Fortunately, you can centralizar toda la información de tus productos in the cloud by implementing a PIM. This way, any authorized user from any part of the world can access and manage the product information on any device.

Moreover, Sales Layer’s PIM analyzes the data quality with automated reports to help you enrich the content for a better product experience. It also sends alerts in real-time to communicate changes to your warehouse, suppliers, online marketplaces, and physical stores.


Whether you want to add new products or step into a new marketplace or e-commerce platform, Sales Layer’s PIM scales with you. Easily list your products in every potential sales channel with less uncertainty, complexity, and risk.

With import and export connectors, you can move data from multiple sources to the PIM, and also transfer it across to the places where your customers are present. Leverage 16 plus integrations to e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Woocommerce, Google Shopping, Shopify, and in-house software like ERP systems, CRMs, etc.

Track errors and enrich your content

86% of online shoppers surveyed said that they would abandon business with a brand that provided inaccurate product information.

To protect you from losing repeat sales, Sales Layer’s PIM Quality Report discovers missing data and corrects omissions to ensure that your logos, images, descriptions, and product attributes are all 100% up-to-date. You can swiftly go to fields that aren’t performing well, and update them with complete information to improve the data integrity in all translated languages.

Additionally, you can track your team’s activity, and publish the latest version of your product catalogs with customized URLs across marketplaces and applications.

Get your multichannel strategy ready

Sales Layer’s PIM is an indispensable multichannel marketing tool that helps you enrich the customer experience in digital commerce. When you organize and update the product information once in the master data, it automatically gets reflected across all connected marketplaces in the required format.

Therefore, PIM acts as the single source of truth for your distributors and retailers and ensures faster time to numerous marketplaces.

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Sales Layer’s PIM system
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Product descriptions and media assets are retailers’ sales representatives on online platforms. Sales Layer’s PIM system enables retailers to accelerate data onboarding and expand assortments to give buyers a personalized shopping experience every time they interact with your brand.

Marketing teams

Sales Layer’s PIM saves time for marketing teams by enabling them to enter and manage the product from one platform rather than dispersed spreadsheets, files, and devices. They can improve the customer experience and guide purchasing decisions with rich, compelling, and consistent data.

Ecommerce managers

Product catalogs need to be localized to the right formats as specified by various e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. Our PIM converts data to the required format and fine-tunes the depth of content, SEO, etc. as needed. This way, e-commerce managers can rest assured of reaching their target audience with the right messages consistently.

How Sales Layer works for manufacturing companies

Sales Layer Does a lot with little effort on your end

Sales Layer’s PIM solution offers an intuitive and easy-to-use product management platform. It automates plenty of manual tasks significantly and helps you create, publish, and share instant catalogs. You can configure all your data in one single place, analyze it for correct information, and go omnichannel in no time.

Sales Layer Consolidate your catalog

Let your suppliers, retailers, and members of different departments collaborate together without compromising on catalog quality. Enable multi-language editing, smart search, and other features to organize your catalogs.

Sales Layer Improve your product information

Wholesome product information steers the buyer’s decision and closes a sale successfully on online channels. Optimize your product information for the correct data in real-time and set the customer expectations right by clearly educating them about the products that you are selling.

Sales Layer Go multichannel

Leverage Sales Layer PIM connectors to share accurate product information to multichannel distribution systems. Never hustle to modify the catalog format for each distribution channel—Sales Layer takes care of it all by autonomously feeding the right syntax for every connected sales channel.

See how Sales Layer can transform your manufacturing company

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