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Sales Layer is the best PIM for retail. As well as offering a set of features and benefits, we are #1 in customer satisfaction based on over 2,000 users in 33 countries. Our PIM is user-friendly and easy to learn, making cross-team communication simple.

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Sales Layer
Sales Layer

PIM Software Built for Retailers and E-Commerce Businesses

Product information management is complex, but with Sales Layer, you can create custom catalogs in minutes. This helps you to launch new products three times faster than using disparate systems. Keeping everything in a centralized repository increases productivity and improves brand consistency for a better omnichannel experience.

Sales Layer’s unique features for retailers

Instant product catalog creation

Instantly create and upload product catalogs and data in real-time to share publicly and privately. Connect your ERP and other data sources in just a few clicks to generate accurate product data for personalized catalogs in minutes.

Our PIM system is the only one on the market that allows for instant catalog creation. When you create your digital catalogs, you can send the exact information you need to, with no limit on the number of catalogs you can create. Filter the information you send by product name, product family, product tag, or product category. Start making sales right away when you activate the option to create online orders.

Centralize product information

When working with multiple systems, it’s easy to create data silos, resulting in different departments having multiple versions of the same information. A PIM puts all of your product content in one place for everyone to access for a single source of truth, so you get better organization and brand consistency.

No more scouring your distributors’ catalogs and wasting time putting products from multiple vendors in spreadsheets, merely hoping that you got it all right. Our SaaS solution can help no matter how complex your supply chain is.

Import data from CSV, Excel, and XML files—or any data source via API. Export, sync, or syndicate your data in retail time. Improve your product data management with our digital asset management (DAM) features. Keep product descriptions consistent across all consumer touchpoints and sales channels.

Easily work as a team for better content management with user permissions and workflows from within the PIM platform.

Improve the customer experience

With better data management comes a happier customer. Customers now receive rich product information, helping to ensure they get the right product the first time. Research shows that 22% of returns are a result of consumers receiving products that are different from their expectations. Better product data and product experience management (PXM) mean less hassle with returns processing.

On top of this, your team can provide better customer service. By giving consumers the most relevant information and eliminating obstacles throughout the buyer’s journey, you can funnel them further along your sales lifecycle.


Whether you’re just starting out with a handful of products, or have a catalog with tens of thousands of products, our PIM can help you.

As your product library grows, our services scale to support your business. Our premium plan supports up to:

  • 10 users
  • 150,000 SKUs
  • 20 connectors
  • 5 languages

When your team or product catalog exceeds those limits, you can easily upgrade to the Enterprise plan, which supports up to:

  • 35 users
  • 300,000 SKUs
  • 35 connectors
  • 10 languages

And if you outgrow that, you can upgrade the Enterprise Unlimited plan to get unlimited users, SKUs, connectors, and languages, plus other helpful features to help you optimize your business operations.

Our flexible pricing model ensures that no matter where you are in your business, you’ll have the tools you need to succeed at a price you can afford.

Track errors and enrich your content

Maintain high-quality data with solid master data management (MDM) features. Easily review product groups to check for missing data with attribute analysis. Check field by field to ensure product information is complete.

Our reporting features examine the completeness of your product content. And, if you operate an ecommerce site in multiple languages, we can also help track the quality of your translations alongside your team’s activity.

It’s easy to analyze your progress channel by channel, to make sure you have the correct information on each of them. Keep the latest version of your catalog on your website, apps, and any online marketplaces where you sell.

The activity feed keeps track of everything that is changed, edited, or uploaded to your catalog. You can see which team members are doing what, and assign permissions so that managers can accept or reject those changes.

Plus, our platform automatically finds and corrects omissions in your product data with our Gaps scanner. It highlights inconsistencies between products, so everything stays accurate and up to date across the board.

Get your multichannel strategy ready

Sales Layer connects with a variety of platforms, like Amazon Vendor Central, Google Shopping, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Excel, Easy Catalog, and more.

Keeping your product catalog in the cloud makes it easy to list your products in all of your potential sales channels, and to keep current sales channels running smoothly while you explore new ones.

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How Sales Layer works for retailers

Sales Layer Does a lot with little effort on your end

Our system is incredibly easy to use. We include automation tools that speed up your workflows and remove the hassle of manually searching for data discrepancies. You’ll quickly see why our onboarding times are faster than the industry average.

Sales Layer Consolidate your catalog

By connecting multiple sources of data, you can consolidate your catalog and ensure it stays current and accurate, regardless of format.

Sales Layer Improve product information management

Data quality matters, and if your information management software is lacking, or if your product information is spread out across multiple locations, it can be difficult to manage. Save time and improve productivity with more value-added tasks.

Sales Layer Go multichannel

Today’s customers can shop across a variety of channels, and you want to be where they are. Sales Layer makes it easy to go multichannel, by connecting with a variety of platforms, such as online marketplaces and ecommerce platforms.

See how Sales Layer can transform your retail business

Reduce the time-to-market for your next product launch by up to 300% when you work with the Sales Layer PIM. Start your free trial and get a customized product demo with one of our sales development reps today!

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