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Sales Layer PIM for Shopify helps you build your business loyalty and enhance your shopping experience by centralizing the product catalog.

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Automated PIM integration for Shopify Plus

By connecting your product information to Shopify via the Sales Layer PIM tool, you get access to multi-language marketing and a centralized platform to manage your product catalog across multiple marketing channels. Automate the way you gather, analyze, and manage your product information by signing up with Sales Layer PIM for Shopify Plus.

Get a centralized PIM software platform to control the quality of your product data, ready to share

Sales Layer Instant product catalogs
Adding products to Shopify manually is a tedious job, prone to errors. Connect your product information to the Sales Layer SaaS PIM system, create a central database, and import your entire catalog to Shopify at the best pricing structure. It’s simple and affordable.
Sales Layer Quality reporting
Fully customized and in-depth product reports give you a complete overview of the products that are highly in-demand with the most purchase requests. It also helps you analyze which products are not doing well on your e-commerce platform.
Sales Layer Centralize product information
A centralized product catalog simplifies inventory management for a smoother workflow. E-commerce stores get instant access to what’s available and what’s not in stock. Sales Layer for Shopify Plus gives retailers an agile platform to get all your product information, images, and descriptions in a single location.
Sales Layer Product data syndication
Take control of all data with a cloud-based product information management system and accelerate your business performance on multiple sales channels. Seamless data synchronization allows you to generate better revenue and expand globally.
Sales Layer Enhanced multichannel marketing
Showcase your product catalog in different variants across multiple channels and expand your business reach for a better user experience. Not only do you get multiple marketing channels to interact with your customers, but also a platform to combine two or more channels to create impactful opportunities and increase customer engagement.
Sales Layer Feeds from the ERP
Customize product content and optimize every single detail to give shoppers an enhanced experience at each touchpoint. Apart from obtaining data from ERP, Sales Layer PIM for Shopify Plus consolidates data from external repositories, spreadsheets, and other sources and keeps data up-to-date.

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Why businesses choose Sales Layer over Akeneo and Pimcore

Strong technical background is not required

Pimcore manages all kinds of product information but requires a strong technical background to operate the tool. On the other hand, Sales Layer is a user-centric tool that comes with straight functionality that makes it easy to understand and operate, even for beginners. Sales Layer PIM allows for an easy transition from previous product information management solutions without any technicalities. No strong technical expertise is required to get acquainted with the Sales Layer PIM for Shopify.

No limitation on accessible features

Pimcore gives you free access to features, but only a few of them are available in a freemium version. Sales Layer allows you to collect, import, organize and publish product information efficiently to manage multiple SKUs in your online store. Access high-quality features designed to market your product faster while enriching your product information. A powerful asset management tool like Sales Layer gives you the visibility you need to deal with multichannel marketing from designing catalogs instantly to inventory handling.

Multilingual for Spanish and Latin American markets

Not limited to just Spanish and Latin American markets, explore the global horizons with Sales Layer’s PIM for Shopify Plus and drive enhanced customer experience. Availability of multiple languages takes your business to a global audience by overcoming language barriers. Displaying the product information in one’s native language makes it easy to consume by customers, helps build loyalty, and compels customers to convert. Surge your business revenue by adding the Sales Layer PIM solution to your marketing strategy.

Product asset manager

Sales Layer’s product asset manager integrates seamlessly with Shopify Plus to give you better control over data customization and management. The DAM software consolidates digital assets at multiple touchpoints that empower you to deliver a uniform shopping experience. Optimize the shopper’s journey by delivering the best product experience. Grab a comprehensive PIM that can manage your product images, description, and other attributes.

Total freedom at data imports

Akeneo allows for limited single-source data imports, whereas Sales Layer offers flexibility to import products via different file-formats including spreadsheets, CSV, XML, and Excel, to name a few. Import huge sets of product information for bulk editing and create an intuitive catalog instantly. There are no limitations on the number of catalogs you create on Shopify with Sales Layer PIM. Even if you have hundreds of thousands of products to market on Shopify, Sales Layer is the right fit for you.

Free marketplaces and API connectors

Get your catalog work in real-time by integrating with Shopify via Sales Layer PIM. Akeneo offers limited options when it comes to e-commerce marketplaces and APIs, but that’s not the case with Sales Layer. Quick and accurate data management, considering your business goals and omnichannel marketing needs in mind. With API connectors for Shopify, get what you need to amplify your business growth.

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Want to manage your Shopify store with powerful API connectors? Want to create an intuitive product catalog that can centralizes product information? Learn more about Sales Layer’s Shopify PIM integration today.

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