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Sales Layer is an industry-recognized Product Information Management (PIM) system that retailers use to enrich their product catalogs and deliver impactful product experiences across all connected sales channels.

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Sales Layer’s PIM seamlessly integrates with Woocommerce WordPress plugin

Online stores built using the Woocommerce WordPress plugin require product data management. Sales Layer’s PIM solution helps streamline product catalogs, images, and information by seamlessly integrating with e-commerce plugin using the e-commerce plugin. It centralizes all product data in the cloud, checks data quality with automated reports, connects content to print apps, updates product catalogs in real-time, and much more!

Sales Layer’s unique features for businesses

Sales Layer Instant product catalog creation

Create digital catalogs in minutes, share information securely, and activate online orders for products in real-time.

Sales Layer Centralize product information

Take total control of digital asset management in a centralized platform with fast imports, intuitive exports, and data edit permissions.

Sales Layer Improve customer satisfaction

Provide accurate product information and ensure that purchased items match customer expectations.

Sales Layer Scalability

Create numerous product catalogs and connect with Amazon, Shopify, Magento, eBay, BigCommerce, and other e-commerce platforms.

Sales Layer Track errors and enrich your content

Analyze product information quality, discover missing product data, and update the corrections across all channels in one click.

Sales Layer Get your multichannel strategy ready

Create and update your product data just once and easily publish them across all connected marketplaces.

How Sales Layer works for businesses

Does a lot with little effort on your end

Sales Layer is refreshingly easy-to-use with its simple interface. It collates all your product information in a centralized space and reduces manual and repetitive tasks to a great extent with workflow automation.

Consolidate your catalog

Organize your product information and keep it consistent. Choose to view it in Excel mode, easily update and manage records, and find attributes when you need them. Let designated teams exercise full governance of content management.

Improve your product information

Ensure synchronization of rich product data in real-time and enhance customer experience. By optimizing product information with wholesome details, you can ensure that shoppers get the right product the first time, effectively cutting down on your product returns.

Go multichannel

Automatically change your product attributes to the required format and distribute consistent data across all sales channels. Quickly go omnichannel by creating, collecting, updating, editing, and publishing your product data once.

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Sales Layer’s PIM system
is perfect for


Efficiently manage and curate product information across various e-commerce platforms.

Marketing teams

Improve customers’ shopping experience and help them make the right buying decisions by providing holistic product information.

IT teams

Secure your product catalogs, reduce the risk of data loss, and integrate with other platforms like ERP, CRM, and more.

E-commerce managers

Eliminate errors in product information, increase control and security over data, and effortlessly export data to multiple channels.

See for yourself why Sales Layer is the best PIM for your business

Leverage Sales Layer’s PIM today and make the move from chaotic spreadsheets to streamlined and centralized product data management.

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