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Sales Layer
Easily upload data across your platforms

With Sales Layer, it couldn’t be easier to sync your product catalogs across all of your selling channels. Upload your catalogs to existing platforms, marketplaces or apps and explore new channels with complete ease.

Showcase enriched product data and ensure brand consistency across your multi-channel marketing strategy.

Sales Layer offers plug-and-play connectors with a number of ecommerce platforms. Save time and avoid data errors to provide a superior shopping experience across all your channels.

Provide enhanced product information
across all channels
Sales Layer
Data sources

Our import connectors mean you can upload data to Sales Layer automatically, creating a single source of truth that's accessible from anywhere.

Sales Layer

Our export connectors can sync product information across your marketplaces, platforms, apps and other customer-centric channels.

Sales Layer

Discover our range of ecommerce and marketplace connectors, and boost your product visibility and brand awareness.

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